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Management fees are determined by individual household through the proposal process at the initial point of engagement with All Season Financial Advisors and is dependent on assets under management as well as desired Wealth Management Services. The range of annual management fees falls between 1.2% and 1.8% for the vast majority of our client households. Fees are charged quarterly, in advance, (1/4 of annual rate) and are based on the household's assets under management at the beginning of each quarter. Fees may be paid directly by the client or may be liquidated from the account(s) per client authorization.  Copies of invoices and calculations are included in the household's quarterly reporting statement. New accounts, additions or partial withdrawals, greater than $10,000, and refunds for client cancellations will be calculated on a pro–rata basis. Management fees are negotiable at the advisor's discretion; but we are confident you will find our rates competitive and attractive considering our value proposition.




Periodically, under rare and involuntary circumstances like those surrounding bear market declines, accounts may incur a redemption fee imposed by either the custodian or mutual funds directly. Redemption fees of 1-2% of principle, imposed on the sale of mutual funds within a certain time frame like 30, 60 or 90 days, are largely avoidable as we tend NOT to invest in mutual funds, especially those with such hold restrictions. However, it can happen. Redemption fees can also be imposed from custodians for hold periods less than 60 days for certain mutual funds (0.5% of principle). Finally, accounts do often experience periodic transaction fees of approximately $7.95 for both buys and sells of individual stocks or select exchange traded funds. Again, we are very cost conscious and make every attempt to invest in securities that carry little or no transaction fees. We also track the internal expenses of our various strategies against an average account size. This report is updated twice annually and is available upon request.

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